Mat Smith broke his neck in a fall three years ago. The accident left him with an injury virtually unnoticeable to the public and a lifetime of chronic pain. Now, this once-shy Australian finance expert stokes entrepreneurs’ fires to spark meaningful lives. 

Bestselling author Mat Smith discusses how he reinvented himself as an “entrepreneurial outlaw” after a devastating injury.

1. Express vulnerability. You will win no matter what.

Mat had anxiety over putting out video content due to inexperience. But he realized that showing vulnerability and telling a great story will win the day. “People are going to resonate with that.”

2. Everyone is dealing with something, disabled or not.

Mat’s injury lacks noticeable outward traits, but he suffers daily. Because of this, he learned that we can all try harder to think about the struggles of a “normal” stranger at the store.

3. Allow your disability to reveal your true passion.

Before his injury, Mat worked an office job he didn’t like. He was closed to most people socially. He says his injury allowed him to open up to people. This, in turn, allowed people to open up to him — and allowed him to find his true passion.

4. Once your train derails, find another track.

A sports and physical fitness junkie, Mat decided to not only survive but thrive after his accident. He focused on what he could do — not what he could not do.

5. Embrace the SUCKY.

Some days are going to suck, especially when you are struggling with chronic pain. Using an acronym, Mat came up with a simple system (just for Sick Biz!) to keep you on track with your goals.

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