At a young age, Philip  determined he would never work for anyone else, and he set out to deconstruct success through his notable coaching business.

Get ready to break out of ineffective thought patterns, bust loose of your worst self-limiting beliefs and emerge like a Phoenix into power and abundance that will change your life.

1. Find your freedom.

What I do is I coach people to break out of that mindset, break that norm, so that they can find their freedom,” says Philip. You can get so bogged down in what society expects of you that you can forget to ask what you want of society and of your life. Philip reminds us to find our freedom and shares that this is just one piece of the coaching approach that he shares with people discovering their success.

2. Become self-aware.

Becoming self-aware starts with slowing down and stopping to take inventory of what you’re thinking about and what you’re focusing on and what you’re tolerating. Its important to also remember that the desire to want to become self-aware is truly where this journey begins. Pay attention and slow your reactions and responses to what people say to you and in how people interact with you. We’re talking about it all on this week’s episode of Sick Biz Buzz.

3. Don’t rob the world of your greatness.

if you’re not progressively achieving a worthwhile goal, then you’re not living to your fullest potential, and you’re robbing the world of your greatness.” It can be hard to think of ourselves as having the power to change the world, but if we all work toward being our best, and we are open to improving our lives and the lives of our clients and the people in our circle we will find greatness. Philip has worked for years to break down the acts that you can take to find your greatness. Listen in to hear what has worked to positively influence the mindsets of his clients.

4. Failure is valuable.

“There is no failure, and I really, really loathe the idea that people feel like they must succeed, or they’re going to fail.” When you see failure as an opportunity to learn then you take pressure of yourself to succeed and you chart a smoother course for yourself. If you are struggling with feeling as though you are failing, this is one episode of Sick Biz Buzz you don’t want to miss!

5. Vulnerability leads to meaningful human connection.

Philip states that people want one thing more than anything else…achieving meaningful human connection. When you hide behind a veneer of an untrue identity, it hinders your ability to perform. Continuing in this way can limit your mindset to the  point where you will do serious damage to yourself.

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