In the prime of her life, Cara Khan was given a diagnosis that could have been devastating. Instead, she uses it to inspire and improve the lives of others. She is also creating a movie about traveling across the Grand Canyon to bring awareness and hope to other people.

Reinventing herself through her disease, hereditary inclusion body myopathy (HIBM), and through her globe-trotting career, Cara helps heal those with all types of disabilities.

Tune into the fifth episode of Sick Biz Buzz to hear the story of how it is possible to live with a life-altering disease and gratitude.

Her five takeaways:

1. Serve others.

Since she was a young child, Cara wanted to work for the UN to help those in need around the world. She serves every day of her life and never let her disease stop her from continuing her core mission to serve others, and she recommends others do the same. “I understand how fortunate I am compared to people in the poorest countries in the world who live with disabilities,” she says.

2. Embrace the healing power of animals. 

A few years into the onset of her disease, Cara discovered how she could help herself and others through working with horses—one of the biggest and gentlest creatures used for rehabilitative therapy. Have you found out the best way you can help others? Listen to Cara tell her story of how she was led deeper into her mission on this week’s Sick Biz Buzz.

3. Live life to the fullest no matter what, and new worlds will open up.

After her diagnosis at the age of 30, Cara never bought into the doctor’s advice to give up her career and go back to live with her parents. In fact, she didn’t start using a walker until 16 years after the onset of the disease. When doctors’ give us disheartening information, it is easy to feel like this new life holds no new promise. You can figure out your own limitations.

4. Let your vulnerability be your greatest asset.

Your vulnerability is out there for everyone to see, and somehow you have to find the strength to use that vulnerability as your greatest shield and source of courage,” Cara states. She does not get depressed about her condition or about what the future might hold. When we explore what we perceive to be our weaknesses, often we can unearth our greatest strengths. Cara models that grace.

5. Your pain is the most powerful perspective needed to make change.

“You are the most qualified, so take that pain and look at it as a gift, a very rich and profound perspective. You are able to break down barriers of ignorance,” Cara shares. Turning your pain into purpose often makes your physical and emotional struggles far easier to endure. If you’re ready to learn how to turn your perspective, this week’s show will motivate you to take that action and make that change.

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