The Hardcore Closer is an unstoppable force in the marketing and sales world. He shares his technique for battling internal negative thoughts and self-doubts on Sick Bizz Buzz.

Survivor, innovator, and born marketing genius, Ryan Stewman defied all the odds to become an international sales and coaching sensation. He is also a bestselling author who has appeared on 400 podcasts.

Tune into the fourth episode of the Sick Biz Buzz and hear wise and life-changing words from the uncensored Hardcore Closer.

His five takeaways:

1. You learn from experiences, good and bad, more than education.

Ryan had a hard go of it as a child and as an adult in many instances, but those experiences got him to where he is today more than any formal education. He is proof that you can make your life into anything you want as long as you persevere and have faith in yourself. Ryan expands on his experiences and how his life lessons have forced him to level up!

2. You cannot win with a victim mentality.

“I did go through one of those why-me periods in prison, but looking back—all those things were taken from me because I had to go to the next level.” Ryan advises when you find yourself in a situation where your life got turned upside down, to switch your focus to going after what you want. In this Episode of Sick Biz Buzz, Ryan shares how he came back from life-crippling circumstances by empowering his mindset.

3. The truth will set you free, but it’s going to piss you off first.

Ryan gave Hilary a little shake-up after she started working for him and he noticed her social media posts tended toward the self-pitying side. “Remember when you were being all like poor-me on your posts on Facebook and I gave you the digital shake up and you were mad at me?” he asks. After that moment, Hilary swapped her negativity for positivity and you can do the same!

4. Fuck your excuses.

Ryan does not see chronically ill or disabled people as different — as long as they do not use their affliction as an excuse to hold them back. He says he could have used his entire life as an excuse to fail. Instead, he decided to win. He’s married to the woman of his dreams, has three beautiful sons and owns multiple self-sustaining businesses. If you are fighting the need to use excuses, or feel unmotivated, you don’t want to miss the way Ryan lays down the law of how you are the only person who can help yourself get out of a rut.

5. Start a business only about something you’re passionate about.

For anyone floundering on what sort of business to start with, Ryan says to go with what you’re passionate about—even if you think it’s not realistic. “You could say what I’m passionate about doesn’t make money, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Anything that you’re passionate about is gonna make money. I’m passionate about waking up every day and telling people to look at what’s possible if they just fuck their excuses.” His insights and advice are hardcore and what makes him the success he is today.

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