Scott Mulvaney of Fuel Enterprises, LLC, refers to himself as a seven-layer cake that he doesn’t eat.

Nutrition, health, business and the laptop lifestyle are the topics on this episode of the Sick Biz Buzz.

A sales a marketing consultant who hates elevator speeches, he does his best to deliver it in a robot voice anyway. A must hear!

Sick Biz entrepreneurs, it is important that you adapt and modify. Scott encourages you to ensure that you change as business and industry change. A former hotshot firefighter, he literally lives the fuel in a fast-paced life!

Sick Biz Buzz Show Bullet Points:

  1. Your life goals need to match your life to be adjusted to meet the ebb and flow of events and pop-up appointments, travel, etc. So, live in the now and in real time. Mindfully set your goals and reduce the time you spend reacting to your business and life. This is an incredible alleviator of stress!
  2. Tools! Put the Evernote app to work for you. It syncs across your iPhone and Macs. This is one of the tools that Scott urges you to use. Listen to learn about even more of the tools that he puts to work for himself to stay organized and continually crushing his goals.
  3. Hack and optimize yourself in surprising ways in terms of your health, life, and business. Here’s a hint, unplug your technology…or at the least, turn it off if you are not using it. He has made a practice of sleep training, improving and increasing his sleep so he can run like the machine he is! Also, Scott spills the beans on nutrient-dense whole food that’s not manufactured and why it is the healing regimen you need. Don’t miss what he has to say about stimulants and inflammation!


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Live the Fuel

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