Three brain-bending points from Andrew Ammons.

Solutions provider, success finder. These are Andrew Ammons recommendations for success.

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Clever humor comes easily to Andrew and you will love this show of the Sick Biz Buzz!

  • Critical thinking is an acquired skill. You need critical thinking for yourself and not the other person in the room. Andrew explains.
  • Perception can blind you to the truth, especially as it pertains to competition. Understanding what your business landscape looks like and what is factual, can save your business and it will influence the decisions you will make.
  • Moving into the discomfort zone. How changing your mindset to jibe with new experiences is an advantage. But it is definitely a practice. You can’t achieve greatness in comfort, but you can prepare for the pain and this will help you hang on.


Andrew and Sick Biz Buzz host, Hilary J. defined entrepreneurship as “accidental, repeated self-abuse—this is the pain of the entrepreneur.”

Takeaway: Your perception of pain determines your depth of pain.

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