Dx’d with “every single mental health illness under the sun,” Kari Craig advises that you listen to what you’re saying and apply it TODAY!

She confesses to be a little cray-cray but states there is nothing wrong with her and that she simply identifies with love and light.

She is a brilliant being and uses a powerful 2-word mantra to reinforce her inner strength every day: I AM

You can be the face of whatever you identify with, or want.

Kari’s three points to remember:

  • What are you going to take action on? We have to be careful because not everybody has our best interests in mind. Be selective and ensure you are advocating and protecting yourself.
  • How do you start to work through understanding your diagnosis to be in control of it? Kari had to take the necessary steps and use coping mechanisms to live and work effectively after her diagnoses.
  • Being open to new manners of changing will allow you to consider improving what you are struggling with and you will move past self-acceptance and into accommodation. For example, plan to take action every single day; learn about manifesting.


You will, as Kari states, “Get down with this message” and it will inspire you on a core level.

Here’s how to put on a mental mindset!

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