This episode centers on one man’s story of overcoming adversity and life’s challenges.

A globally renowned speaker, author, and contributor to major media outlets such as Entrepreneur, Fox, and Success, Kimanzi Constable has refused to be reined in by lifestyle constraints. Now, a digital marketing consultant and global speaker, Kimanzi is a coach notorious for helping people achieve their goals.

This is a special episode because Kimanzi was one of Hilary Jastram’s very first coaches and helped her advance her own entrepreneurship.

Sick Biz Buzz Show Bullet Points:

  1. Releasing toxic energies and vibes is mandatory to ensure you operate as the healthiest person and business owner. Get rid of the damaging roots that you carry inside you and get ready to soar in abundant energy.
  2. If you are burying your emotions, Kimanzi shares the need to resist being strong and being alone. Instead, tune into self-awareness and acknowledge your feelings. Use expressions of art or other outlets to work through your emotions.
  3. If you’re strapped financially for coaching, this hack that you can use on your Facebook feed will make all the difference in your mindset. Get ready to have your own cheering section!

Once again, we revisit the topic of the power of perception! And there is a good reason we do…because it unleashes the control and the power you don’t even know you have. Make the decision to go after what you want and do it.

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