Are you ready to talk money?

Lisa Chastain knows her green stuff! A major media darling on such platforms as NBC, MSN Money and BlogTalkRadio, Lisa is also a best-selling author. Listen in as she advises you on what you need to do to get in the black!

Sick Biz entrepreneurs have different money challenges than other entrepreneurs, and Lisa guides you through what you need to know and how to prioritize.

Sick Biz Buzz Show Bullet Points:

  1. What’s your money story and are you still living it? What are your money values and do they match where you want to see your business grow? You can become money-savvy.
  2. Lisa debunks the lie that no one has the ultimate experience with money. Everyone is trying to get a handle on their own finances. You are not alone when it comes to money concerns and goals.
  3. Talking about money = A healthier relationship about money. There are emotional components and even hangups about money. You can change your internal conversations about money to position yourself to win!

Stop chasing your debt!

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