It’s the return of legendary life and health coach and now, bestselling author, Armando Cruz.

Listen to learn to craft a fruitful relationship between our minds, body, and souls.

Sick Biz Buzz Show Bullet Points

  1. Are you at war with your body? Are you struggling with disease or sickness? Overuse injuries or repeat wounds or sickness? This is overwhelming and creates dis-ease. It is exhausting. Armando urges you to listen to your body instead of fighting it. He explains the importance of changing your vocabulary as you speak about yourself and your struggles. Rephrasing your words creates a positive mindset and enables you to feel better.
  2. You still need to experience your emotions before you move into another emotional stage. You cannot get to an acceptance of your condition until you process every stage your disease or disability brings. This is not a predictive map of emotions either. Be ready to be a little unpredictable
  3. To make progress, your life needs to be out of balance to move forward. Instead of balance, focus on priorities. If you can’t love you where you are right now, nothing else will matter.

If you need help getting out of denial with your body, and accepting that you need to make adjustments, Armando breaks down how you can accomplish that and live in greater harmony with yourself.


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