Mindset tips and hacks dominated the Sick Biz Buzz airwaves!

Here’s the low-down! From entrepreneurs living with chronic illness and disability to noted life and business coaches, our mission was, and is supported by some incredible people!

  1. Adam Johnson – Managing your health challenges with your business partner. His Marine mantra: Adapt, improvise and overcome. Reinvention is possible and joyful!
  2. Cindy Honeycutt – Unleashing boundless creativity and overcoming obstacles in her life every day, Cindy started her business by short-cutting success. Embrace adaptations.
  3. Kevin Weilacher – Woodcutter, transverse myelitis (TM) warrior and worldwide leader of the largest TM group on the internet. Even if you are alone you can build a loving support system.
  4. Ryan Stewman – Life survivor, breaking free in business, Ryan shares his natural and constant helping energy to help you blast past your upper limits. You can get used to a new reality to benefit your life. Listen if you want to take back control of your life.
  5. Cara Khan – Her progressive disease onset at a young and vibrant age, did not affect Cara’s plans for herself and her life. She now helps to heal children through horse therapy and she will help you accept your condition and reality.
  6. Philip Douthett – Busting loose from self-limiting beliefs and finding your freedom is possible. He decided as a child, that he would never work for someone else. He has made that dream a reality. Listen if you want to define your purpose.
  7. Mat Smith – Entrepreneurial Outlawz Ace, multi-business owner, Mat rewrote his life after dislocating his neck. Crazy creative Mat wrote a special acronym just for Sick Biz.
  8. Elle Kirks – “Everyone has some sort of B.S. in life. I overshare mine.” ~Elle. Afflicted by three chronic illnesses, Elle started her own printing company and even donates a portion of her profits to one of her diseases’ non-profits.
  9. Cole VanDeWoestyne – Major player copywriter and author, Cole dove deep into handling and wrangling anxiety. Make the shift from “What do I have to do?” to “What can I do?”
  10. Brad Carr – Fellow TM warrior wrote a better reality of inclusion in The Elisha Amulet series where disabled people are recognized in everyday roles. You may need vulnerability through illness to bring you to a better place.
  11. Ilan and Guy Ferdman – Their perspective breakthroughs will break your mind. Listen to learn how you can remove the blocks of physical agony. A taste of modern technology coaching. Understand the power of the stories you tell yourself.
  12. Hilary Jastram – Learning how to turn anxiety into productivity. We discovered how to take prescriptive steps, how to make an anxiety to-do list and how to write your own empowering mantra to get you through your next attack.
  13. Armando Cruz – With one question, Armando helps you understand where you are emotionally in your journey. You can rise up to a different realm than constant pain and exhaustion.
  14. Rodolfo Canon – Extreme real estate high producer teaches us about the power of self-obsession, and how it can hinder or help you. Ask yourself: Do you know the difference between obsession and focus? Rechannel obsession into progression.
  15. Theresa Byrne – Kindred and immediate soul sister, Theresa’s six concussions and three whiplashes nearly took her life. Now her existence is vastly changed. Listen if you want to learn where to start when you don’t know how to trust.


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