Pain doesn’t have to hold you prisoner in your own body!

Armando Cruz is an expert at helping people relieve the chronic and relentless pain in their lives.

From his history of helping people improve their lives physically, Armando’s training is centered on understanding the physiology of the body and he has expanded his concentration to include the mental components of healing.

  • One of the greatest obstacles we have as chronically ill and disabled entrepreneurs is that we can circle the drain of feeling like we are unqualified. We compare ourselves to high-producers and this is detrimental.
  • Being unprepared in life is akin to receiving a diagnosis. This is wading into the swamp. To capture success and to clear the hurdle we need to visualize doing it.
  • Look for the “silver lining” of your condition. And it is there. What gifts have you been given through your diagnosis or disability?

Your gift of a new perspective is actually your superpower! Listen to this episode of Sick Biz Buzz to learn how to leverage your life to LEVEL UP!

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