Relax! You can listen to this episode and even learn how to reroute your anxiety.

Stricken by panic attacks at the age of 12, Hilary Jastram has developed a process for managing her attacks and she shares her solution with you today.

If you can convince yourself that you’re sick, you can also convince yourself that you can feel better. Did you know there is even a positive flip side to anxiety?

  • Listen to learn how to leave your state of anxiety through actionable steps you can take to feel better. Tune into your senses that make sense. Use self-talk that applies critical thinking to your experience. You can logistically pull your anxiety apart and get to the root of the cause of your panic attack. Remember, feelings aren’t facts.
  • What causes anxiety? If you have relatives who suffer from them, you may be more prone to get them. Attacks can be brought on by life circumstances and by nothing at all.
    What is a panic attack? The overwhelming feeling is that you feel like you’re dying. This can manifest in a variety of physical ways. It is the onslaught of extreme terror and feeling out of control.
  • How to make a panic attack to-do list. This list will give you productive tasks to execute. You will learn in this episode how to unleash your greatest productivity. You can change the meaning of your most vulnerable moments.


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