Listening to these powerhouse coaches today will help you understand that your relationships impact the success of your business.


Wrap up in Ilan and Guy Ferdman’s abundance that stems directly from their name choice for their business Satori Prime! This is serious mindset coaching that recalibrates your mental programming. So deep, you may need to listen twice!

Sick Biz Buzz’s three bullets to expand your mind:


  • Their holistic approach helps to heal people and to launch them into reaching their goals…and even over-reach their aims.
  • From sleeping with the bedrock to experiencing the highest emotional highs, these brothers are grateful for every moment they have lived.
  • Finding your passion leads to the money following. Can you sacrifice for your passions even if it means feeling the pain of getting started and the pain of leaving behind surety and a more stable career?


After listening, tap into your positive “mutant” powers to impact your life and live in a more meaningful way.


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