His creation reflects how chronically ill and disabled entrepreneurs should be treated.


How different would your life be if you had gotten sick as a child, then well, then sick again to affect your life and business? Stricken with transverse myelitis in 1991, Brad Carr, author of the Elisha Amulet Series has rewritten his reality to be one that he wants to live. In his books, the disabled among us are equal. 

  • Learning to live with incessant, daily pain. Brad shares why his artistry is important and even life-saving. His pain is managed through art and his passions. You will be surprised to learn what Brad was doing before TM took hold for the second time!
  • Adapting to your new reality is akin to the five stages of grief and necessitates working through guilt! Being thankful in the midst of the long game and choosing to live is the only choice!
  • The vision we have for ourselves will change and we can go willingly, or you can magnify your pain. Use dark humor to get through and give yourself permission to laugh about it!

Listen to grasp writing your rules of existence and to tap into your endless special powers through this episode of the Sick Biz Buzz.


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Artwork by Brad Carr

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