No stranger to the mental war games that can plague us all, music college alum, Chris Hicke has found stress release through music and he insists that you can do the same.

Every music genre can be healing, and address all sorts of moods from anger to sadness to anxiety and much more. Every emotion on the spectrum can benefit from music therapy.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points

  1. Music is an avenue to help you slip back into happier memories, which influences your mood.
  2. You may feel more validation when you listen to music that matches your mood. Feeling frustrated? Turn on some speed metal. If you are sad and want to work through your feelings, select a song that will make it easier to cry and express your sadness. Anxiety can be calmed through music that is more meditative in nature.
  3. Music is a language we can all speak. It helps us to relate to each other and forges connections.

Entrepreneurs who are living with chronic illness and disability may especially benefit from the tension-relieving aspects of losing themselves in music. Since we confront daily and relentless challenges, music can provide the much-needed escape to give yourself a respite from what can seem to be a life with no relief. Let your favorite tunes take you away and use the various genres to address every color of your emotional range.

This is Chris’ Music and Stress Management Playlist. Listen as he identifies the songs that are most fitting for your mood.

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