An Instagram superstar, model and symbol of empowerment, Carmen Renee is determined to shatter stigmas through her diagnosis of lymphedema and living out loud.

With her page hitting nearly 60K followers (including Kim Kardashian!), she is reaching more people as she encourages inclusion and body-positive realities.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points:

  1. View your body as separate from any standard of beauty that you have been exposed to. You can be beautiful and you are beautiful. As long as you are trying your best to be healthy, then you are living in the way that you should. Remember, people are confused by confidence. Do your best to confuse them 🙂
  2. Think about your body in terms of what it can do, not what it can’t do. It’s amazing when you think about what your body can accomplish even if you are dealing with sickness or disability.
  3. Learn how to create your safe space even when you are out in public so that you don’t feel like you are on display, have to be defensive, or have to shrink your experience to make other people more comfortable. Unhappy people have issues of their own and their negative comments have nothing to do with you. You can choose to be in a positive space.

You get to be the way you need to be and to feel the way you need to feel whenever and wherever you want. You don’t have to do the public’s emotional work to be accepted. You are accepted. Carmen Rene reminds us that our insecurities are attached to our judgments, as she manages and wears her condition proudly.


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Instagram: Eat the Cake Too


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