Uplifting songs Matthew Wade of My Silent Bravery creates are written just for people to help them on their journeys.

“Can’t Quit” is a fitting example of a song he has written and that he sings about. After suffering a sports accident resulting in disk herniations, Matthew turned to a different method of healing, going inward to realize that he could live with his pain as he lessened it.

Pain management through music is the theme of episode 32 of the Sick Biz Buzz. Listeners who have gone through life challenges can relate.

Sick Biz Buzz Show Bullet Points:

  1. How do we commune with pain, seeking to reduce it, while accepting we are not eliminating it entirely? When we can understand that we need to live in peace with our conditions, then we will find our acceptance.
  2. Finding an outlet for your inner dissonance is imperative to help us better control our emotions. It’s important to keep on working on how to continually improve our communications with people and we need outlets to accomplish that.
  3. You can achieve your goals even as you are struggling with your health. You don’t need to wait to be 100-percent to go after your goals. When you do what you’re excited about and it brings joy and excitement to you and other people, it is a part of your emotional healing.

You can let go of your negative emotions surrounding your disability or illness. Even if you feel stuck and as if you can’t move forward without feeling bad about your situation, you can change your mindset. Matthew shares that this starts with gratitude.

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