Brian is a mindset coach for parents of children living with ADHD and Aspergers.

A warrior living with multiple conditions himself, and a father of children who are differently-abled, Brian has made getting introspective part of his healing. It can be part of yours, too!

In this episode, the energy and enthusiasm are off the hook! You can eliminate the guesstimations you have been applying to your own condition or others after listening to Brian.

Sick Biz Buzz Show Bullet Points:

  1. Learn how he replaced his day job income in just four months, and that he is living proof you can quit and prosper.
  2. Brian’s trademarked approach is Mindset Before Skill Set. This is not reactive living, but proactive living, involving goal-setting and life management.
  3. Why you may be coming from a scarcity mindset as it pertains to your health considerations…without even knowing it. Brian shares how to turn on your approach to the abundance mindset and change the truths you tell yourself.

Come away from this show with an understanding of the importance of removing barriers. If you have ever wondered if you can go first and model possibilities and opportunities, after listening to this show, you will learn you can!

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Brian R. King


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