On a former SBB podcast, Drew Linsalata talked about a radical way to manage and decrease your anxiety attacks. Now, he is going to tell you more about his journey that led him to write two fresh new books in the last 18 months!

Both of these books, The Anxious Truth: A Step-By-Step Guide To Understanding and Overcoming Panic, Anxiety, and Agoraphobia and An Anxiety Story – How I Recovered from Anxiety, Panic And Agoraphobia, became immediate bestsellers and for good reason. Drew is lighting up anxiety and sharing where he has come from. He is his own testimonial. And amidst everything that felt like it was attacking him, Drew did an about-face and confronted his anxiety. That’s how tired of it he was. Of course he did this all while running his own businesses…which is why this show is perfect for all the Sick Bizzers.


  1. Drew’s healing process through the only proven methodology to truly manage and control their anxiety. Hint: he is not suffering with it anymore. Hint #2: Your brain is a liar.
  2. Using his approach, which is heralded by modern and traditional psychology, you can actually have an anxiety attack and not care. You will register that you are having it, but it won’t really bug you. 
  3. From a business perspective Drew shares the golden egg of book marketing, which is something that every author should practice. It involves taking imperfect action and working in your genuine passion (a word Drew hates, lol).

Some people find the answer to what they are looking for and turn inward, keeping it to themselves and feeling that’s enough. Self-professed behavioral science nerd, Drew Linsalata said that’s not enough. He states, “If I am suffering, there are others who are suffering as well.” Sharing his solution has now benefitted nearly a million people. If anxiety is tangling up your life, then you owe it to yourself to listen to Drew’s podcast, The Anxious Truth, and check out his FB group, The Anxious Truth: THAT Anxiety Recovery Forum.

Check out his books here

Drew is the creator and host of The Anxious Truth, a stunningly popular anxiety podcast that’s been in full swing since 2015. With over 500,000 downloads (and growing), The Anxious Truth enjoys a large, vibrant and engaged social media community of amazing humans supporting, inspiring, encouraging and empowering each other to overcome anxiety and fear. Listen to a few episodes of the podcast and you’ll know right away that this isn’t what you’re used to hearing about anxiety. Drew’s unique, no-nonsense approach to solving the anxiety problem combines his strong, confident voice with genuine care, compassion and a desire to see others learn and succeed.

You can find Drew, his podcast, and his community at theanxioustruth.com. Having been through not one, not two, but THREE different periods of debilitating anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, and depression, Drew turned it all around in 2008. Armed with a deep understanding of the cognitive nature of this problem, courage, and an intense desire to solve the problem once and for all, Drew rid himself of the irrational fear that fuels the disorder. Now living a normal, happy, productive life without avoidance and retreat, Drew spends a fair amount of his time tending to his podcast, writing about anxiety disorder issues, and interacting with the large community surrounding his work. A technology entrepreneur by day, Drew’s true passion is using his own knowledge and life experience to teach and empower others as they work to solve their own anxiety and fear problems. When he’s not podcasting, writing or taking care of business, you can find Drew attempting to be a proficient guitarist or in the gym.

A fan of scientific inquiry, Stoicism, Taoism, and Buddhism, Drew is also a lifelong night owl that’s probably staying up too late right now.

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