This week, Hilary welcomes pain relief expert, Dr. Trevor Campbell, author of The Language of Pain. Dr. Campbell has been a physician for 38 years who specializes in the connection between chronic pain, the brain, and management of both. 

In this episode, Hilary and Dr. Campbell discuss: 

  • Why chronic pain is so difficult to manage.
  • The biological, psychological, and social connection between pain and the brain.
  • How chronic pain is debilitating because it’s sounding an alarm that doesn’t need to go off.
  • Cracking open your narrative around chronic pain (& changing it). 
  • Why we alone are not responsible for chronic pain but can play an active role in managing it.

Dr. Campbell and Hilary close the podcast by acknowledging the infinite connection between the brain and chronic pain. Hilary also reminds listeners to remain open to receiving solutions to better manage their illnesses and lives. 

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