This week’s SickBiz Buzz Podcast welcomes Writer Dave Rynne, a Sales and Marketing Expert, and father of six children, who joins Hilary in a powerful discussion about how being bold and overcoming fears and anxiety helped him stop playing small in his business and life.

  • Being right-brained and left-brained is helpful for overcoming fears without blocking creativity.
  • How Dave overcame constant rumination over possible catastrophic situations during his first flight (he eventually flew to Copenhagen)!
  • Hilary states that fear of flying is fear of the future
  • How abandonment issues from being an adopted child inspired Dave to overcome fears and anxieties and helped him be a better dad, too.

Dave and Hilary also discuss how Dave broke into writing and how important referrals and multiple streams of income are.

Hilary closes the episode by reminding listeners how powerful it is to share our stories of overcoming fears as doing so, “Can help improve the lives of others.”

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