Amy Magers is a partner in combat business success and a business processing genius. She is a phenomenal human being sharing what we are doing wrong in our businesses as entrepreneurs who are sick and disabled–and the ways that we might be getting stuck. Listen as she talks about staying committed to your internal routines when everything is haywire on the outside. It just might keep you grounded!



  1. Learning the truth about procrastination.
  2. Ask yourself the question: “How long is it acceptable for me to run my business incorrectly?”
  3. How to stay on track so you will complete what you really need to do.

Amy’s passion is helping people figure out their businesses so they can reduce the ripples, financial instability, and the shooting in the dark when it comes to being as efficient as possible. To get in touch with her, please reach her at IG @AMYBMAGERS.

Amy Magers is a COO, Business Coach, & Consultant at Undisputed Influence & Combat Business Success.

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