Cody Jefferson of Embrace the Lion is a multi-dimensional man who is here to help you heal your soul and find your deepest inspiration.

Cody kicks off the show with an Ed McMahon impression and the sounds of virtual confetti and then moves into what can best serve entrepreneurs and remote workers.

Sick Biz Bullet Points:

  1. Does your past even exist in your life? You weren’t a part of anyone else’s past but your own, and so you have the permission to let go of everything you are holding onto. Whatever holds us back, keeps us playing small, and confines us into boxes, typically comes from our pasts. And if our pasts don’t exist, we can get past them and heal.
  2. Our responses to events dictate the outcomes of our lives. You can even move away from the comfort found in being a victim. That’s no judgment on you or anyone else, but it is TRUE. The response is up to us. We struggle to confront pain or trauma and fall into the safety of building walls around us. “This is not a good or bad response,” Cody insists, “but it is a choice we make.”
  3. You have permission to feel your feelings: anger, frustration, sadness, etc. You have permission to even react to your emotions. “At some point, you will make the decision to decide whether you want to confront your reality and decide what is the most useful in moving forward.” What are you getting out of your fear?


Give yourself permission to let go of relationships that no longer serve you. You don’t have to be a good friend to the same people doing nothing for them or you. Cody asks you to show him your circle!

Your circle will determine your future. Let Cody lead you on your true path starting with this week’s episode of Sick Biz Buzz.

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