A mother of reinvention, “Boundless Creative” and the epitome of persistence, Cindy Honeycutt has risen to the top in the highly competitive field of writing.

An entrepreneur through baptism by fire. Cindy’s now a successful writer for major publications and is poised to do even more for our very special community.

Tune into the second episode of Sick Biz Buzz and learn how Cindy hacks her mind to get ahead every day.

Her five takeaways:

1. You have to research your opportunities. 

Cindy asserts it is not enough to have skills, you have to know where you can apply them and how you can best serve people and clients. Have you identified what in your work makes you happiest and have you found that magic combination of skill set and passion? We’re chatting all about it on this week’s Sick Biz Bizz show!

2. Networking is a huge component of success.

Connections lead to connections lead to connections. Often, people send out a few emails, even 10 emails and when the contacts and opportunities don’t work out, they get discouraged and stop networking, thinking it isn’t paying off. Listen in to this episode as Cindy talks about how she built on each contact to grow an opportunity network.

3. Adjust your schedule to enable your success.

Do you work best in the morning or evening? Do you need a nap midday? When you are an entrepreneur at the mercy of a body screaming for rest, you need to make the time to recharge, or you can get sicker! Cindy recognizes that she needs to take care of her physical health before she can commit to working. She has established a routine and she shares what has worked for her in this week’s episode of Sick Biz Buzz.

4. Work hard and push yourself to get out of the house.

With physical challenges, days when you don’t feel well, flares, pain and everything else, it is tempting to make a big nest and work away in it all day every day. We can forget how to socialize and the joy that comes from meeting people face-to-face. Cindy meets people in person and when she does is reminded of how she needs to be in the company of people. Have you become a self-employed shut-in? It’s easy to fall into that rut. Try to get out once or twice a month for your mental health.

5. A physical limitation does not mean you can’t accomplish your goals.

On this episode, Cindy talks about how you can have something wrong with your body, but it doesn’t mean you can’t set goals and hit them. Dealing with physical symptoms is one thing, but you still have a brain. You can still think and plan and win. Eavesdrop on the conversation between Cindy and Sick Biz Buzz’s host Hilary Jastram to reinforce the belief that you can do anything!

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