This week, Hilary welcomes Soul Purpose Program Creator, Sarah Vincent. Sarah created the Soul Purpose program to help others use fitness to overcome various consequences of trauma and addiction. A survivor herself, Sarah has worked through her own trauma (including sexual abuse and bulimia) and addictions and now works with youth to do the same. Sarah believes in the power of fitness as a conduit for awareness, empowerment, and healing. 

In this episode, Hilary & Sarah discuss:

  • Using your body in a healthy way to empower yourself with fitness
  • How when you loathe your body, you’ll do anything to destroy it & why that’s not helpful 
  • Why goal setting is so important
  • Making the choice to stop being comfortably miserable 

Sarah also discusses what trauma has given her and why she’s so passionate about helping others overcome theirs. 

Hilary & Sarah close the podcast by reminding listeners how crucial it is to live in awareness. 

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