This week, Hilary welcomes the “father of [personal] reinvention” Danny Galvez, Audio Book Narrator and Editor. Danny is the son of a Marine and was primed to excel at problem solving at an early age. He spent his childhood moving aroundnd believes that “everything you do dates back to something [earlier]”. Danny got into the Audio Book Industry while seeking the opportunity to work from home and now is on a mission to show people how “move through life with your eyes wide open”. 

In this episode, Danny and Hilary discuss: 

  • How to break the feeling of being suffocated by limitations
  • Why you don’t have to live in the sucky-ness of the past
  • What happens when you detach from pain
  • When everything changes with just one word

Hilary and Danny close the episode by sharing Danny’s profound words about intuition.  

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