Last week, I went to California and that entailed flying for the first time I had gotten sick with transverse myelitis. The flight down was horrendous, but the flight back was smooth as butter. We paid for an upgrade and when you are sick, it is worth every penny. Lack of comfort can halt all your plans and throw your body into an exacerbation!

A day after arriving, my daughter and I went to the beach. For long distances, I need a wheelchair. So, we packed up the “Silver Bullet” and hightailed it to the ocean where I also did my first FB Live.

What did I learn? I should have done what I was afraid of a lot sooner, and the majority of people are kind and supportive.

Even if you need to adapt how you travel or you need to bring tools with you to help you get out of your “limitations,” you can do it.

And never look back ๐Ÿ™‚

Video Credit: YouTube/Hilary Jastram