Brian Will will astound you with his tenacity, fierce intelligence, innovation, and fortitude. He has been run through the wringer his whole life but he never let it get him down. Now, he has written a book detailing his come up, what he’s overcome as well as what he’s accomplished…and these are no small feats. As soon as his second book was done, he returned right back to the laptop to finish his second book! This is a man who doesn’t stop!

Brian has created or co-created six booming businesses worth hundreds of millions of dollars in four industries. His first book, I Give the Dumb Kids HopeStarting Life at Zero, is immediately gripping and takes you down the path of his tragic past all the way to his triumphant present. It is available on Amazon. His second book, How to Succeed in Business with No Money…No Education…and No ClueThe new Millionaire Next Door…written by an actual serial entrepreneur will be available this fall. 


  1. Keep gratitude in your heart for the people who have done you wrong. Even anger can be a catalyst for helping you achieve your goals.
  2. How to leverage your laziness.
  3. What Joe the Plumber Syndrome means as it relates to every business owner.

Brian Will tapped into crazy talent and saw how far he could take it. He didn’t let the fear of never having done anything before stop him and he learned and failed a lot along the way. But this is why he has lasted in his business. He didn’t let lessons stop him from continuing on his success path. He kept exploring as he was learning. Now, he is a best selling author and shares his wisdom with people who are feeling lost or stuck. To get in touch with Brian, look him up on Facebook @Brian Will.

About Brian:

Brian Will is a serial entrepreneur who has created or co-created six very successful companies in four different industries over the last thirty-five years. His first foray into owning his own business was a 10-year stint in the landscaping industry that he started when he was twenty years old. This was followed by three online internet companies during the dot com boom of the late nineties and early 2000s. 

Today Brian owns a growing chain of restaurants in the Atlanta area while he splits his time between the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, and Clearwater Beach, Florida. 


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