That feel when you met your guest on a road trip.

Brian Stevens has helped to found five companies at last count. It’s safe to say he is a serial entrepreneur!

Sick Biz Bullet Points

  1. Water what you want to grow. This is the also the key to striking the balance between work and life. What you pay attention to is what will pay you back. And it is never too late to reassess what’s working.
  2. Failure has gotten him to his massive successes. You have to weed through what doesn’t work. Understanding that failure is a part of the process makes taking the hits easier.
  3. Where can you change on a dime dynamically to completely redirect your business trajectory? How can you put your passion to work for you? Brian changed who he was working for to draw in his ideal client. Are you saying yes to the wrong types of businesses?

“Failure doesn’t bother me in the slightest,” Brian says. And it’s true, he can compartmentalize his failures. “Always wake up with an eye toward innovation and having the fortitude to follow up.” What he has to say is right on, and it will help your business in the short and long-run.

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