Author: Shawna Barnes

The Hidden Challenges of Training a Service Dog

So you’re thinking about getting a service dog, huh? Congrats on making the decision to do what you can to increase your independence! Or maybe you know someone looking for a service dog? Perhaps you’re wondering what service dogs really DO? Can you really train your own service dog?  Hopefully, I’ll be able to answer some of those questions. I am currently working with an organization called K9s on the Frontline based out of Portland, Maine. They provide PTSD service dogs for Veterans in Maine free of charge. They are an amazing organization. They’ve partnered with North Edge K9 to help...

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Task Planning Hacks for Differently-Abled Entrepreneurs

One of the things that I’ve had to realize, accept, and come to terms with is that I can’t do things like everyone else. I have some uphill battles to face every single day, and there’s a lot of compromise that has to take place. I can’t just go down to my studio and put in a regular work day. When my seizures started during my deployment to Iraq, I had no idea that it would lead to where I am today. It turned out to just be the beginning. The beginning of this crazy journey I’ve been on...

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