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How To Love Your Body When It Plots Against You w/ Danielle McAfferty | SBB 114

Danielle McAfferty is a woman warrior running her own insurance agency. She lives every day managing a painful condition that will take you to your knees. Her journey is one of exploration, loving herself more every day and of taking the steps to do so. Recently she did a boudoir shoot that allowed her to access areas of vulnerabilities that hadn’t been tapped. This is a unique way to tap into confidence and is definitely an episode you don’t want to miss! Here are the major takeaways: Resilence has a different definition to different people.Her boudoir shoot was about...

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Recapturing Patient Costs On The DL And Changing The Landscape Of Medical Billing w/ Daniel Lynch| SBB 113

Daniel Lynch is passionate about advocating for the rights of patients and redefining the role of medical billing in the healthcare field. He is passionate about leveraging technology to help streamline processes and creating innovative solutions to take on the financial complexities surrounding healthcare for patients and medical professionals of all backgrounds. Daniel takes pride in helping every patient he can and working to solve the financial complexities of being sick in a broken healthcare system. He can relate to our special community as well because his family’s chronic illness has left its mark. The takeaways: There are people...

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This Unorthodox Approach To Managing Anxiety Will Convince You Not To Care If You’re Panicking w/ Drew Linsalata | SBB 112

Drew Linsalata has done so much incredible research and work into the multitude of factors that cause panic attacks and all he wanted to do was share it with an audience so that they could feel better just like him. His approach to unraveling anxiety doesn’t center around eradicating it from your life but understanding it respecting it and living with it. Your takeaways: You can handle a level 5 anxiety event and level 10 in the same way and feel none-the-worse for wear.Drew’s successful approach centers on how the brain works.The myths you know about managing anxiety are...

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The Moment Cancer Took His Gratitude Away, And When He Chose To Welcome It Back To Help Other People w/ Patrick Pitts | SBB 111

Patrick Pitts was clipping along just fine in his life working as a mortgage loan officer when he received a surprise diagnosis that upended his existence. A spark came alive in him to spread his mission for love born of the baptism of fighting for your life. This is what Patrick discovered about himself and what we talked about on the show: He is grateful for the wake-up call he needed.Life has a totally different meaning and it doesn’t revolve around work.Sharing his story has helped people receive earlier diagnoses. And what we can all learn from him? We...

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The Business of Bringing Inspiration to the World w/ Mary Markham: SBB 110

Mary Markham has made it her job to interview people who bring inspiration to the world and share their messages. Inspiration can be found in many different areas and sometimes we get so compartmentalized in our own lives that we don’t realize inspiration can be right in front of us. Mary urges us to see the reflections providing peace, strength, and encouragement through daily reminders of faith, hope and love. The way this world is going today, we need it more than ever… Mary’s insights: Searching for inspiration has changed Mary’s mindset permanently.Hearing people’s stories strengthens Mary resolve in...

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