Adam Niec is transforming a niche. He is a person who saw corruption in a huge industry and immediately banded together with his partners to change the way businesses process payments. He’ll be an important resource for you to listen to and connect with because as business people you should know what you are paying and where your fees are going. You should know that there are fees you don’t even anticipate–but you’re paying anyway.


  1. Even in times of unrest, you need to keep spending money–listen to find out why.

  2. How Certain Pay broke the payment processing niche.

  3. The difference when you are raised in a family of entrepreneurs who don’t know any different than just making dreams happen.

Adam Niec looked at a multi-billionaire dollar industry, saw corruption and like a modern-day payment processing Batman, set upon it to fix it–such a laissez-faire attitude for going after giants. Remember, money flows where attention and value go. To get in touch with Adam, please reach out to him at Tell them Sick Biz Buzz sent you.

With six years of payment processing experience and over 500+ merchants served, Adam Niec brings a genuine and consultative approach to a business’s payment ecosystem. His company, Certain Pay, helps business owners find the most secure, efficient, and streamlined payment processing solution(s).

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