Today is a day where I uncover the truth. A truth that schools won’t teach you, society won’t tell you; but it’s a truth that you must know!

The fact of the matter is this. Success in business can be harder than auditing NASA after a failed space mission, or as easy as buying a tasty cheeseburger.

And boy, oh boy, do I love dem cheeseburgers!

If you wanna win, stop, listen and learn the 7 Proven Business Principles You won’t learn in school.

1. Marketing is like a legal steroid.

When you have the ability to generate cash in your bank by investing a certain amount of money into a promo stack (advertising) that’s when you have a business!

When I invest $5 I get back $10, or when I spend $1,000 I get back $7K. These scenarios are what you want to be able to rely upon and make a reality on a consistent basis.

By continually testing advertisements, by taking certain actions, by trying mixes of proven formulas; you will put your best foot forward in your business.Test headlines, test mediums, try a range of different things and treat your marketing and advertising like an investment decision. Cut the losers at a certain predefined point removing the emotion from the equation. And let the winners run my friends! This is how you can design the level of income that you want in your bank account.

2.  The sale starts before you meet.

The word sale and salesman for that matter is used incorrectly these days. Not many people understand that the communication and the messages you put out into the world are part of your sales team. It starts from the words you write, the ads you run, the marketing you do, the branding you build, the clothes you wear, the words you speak and the way you finally interact with potential prospects.

So, when you’re putting out information about your products or services, it should always prove to the prospect why they should purchase it. It needs to be informative in a way that explains a little about features, more about benefits but clearly defines the end result that your product or service will provide your perfect prospect. Advertising, marketing, and sales are all part of your business. It represents you!

You need to tell people what you want them to do and why! And in a way that doesn’t reek of “buy my shit.” That’s as simple as I can spell it out for you. So, don’t fall victim to expensive and ineffective business “costs” that don’t meet the criteria I just mentioned. This is the difference between people who really know business, and those who like to pretend that they do!

3. People are dying for you to be their hero—so go do it and help them.

You need to lead your people to their promised land! Start by informing your prospects of all the information they need that allows them to avoid what they hate so they can get what they love. Show them how you can help them avoid pain and how you can provide them the pleasure that they dream about.

When you can do that really well, you will turn prospects into paying clients every day that ends in “Y.” You can lead them by being helpful, informative and providing the education they need, this in itself is a very powerful tool that builds trust.

Be honest, be truthful and don’t be afraid to share some flaws and failures about yourself or your products. This humanizes you, breaks down barriers that we have put up to protect ourselves and allows for a deeper connection with your prospects.

Educating your people will give you an almost unfair advantage over your competition. So, go be the hero!

4. Now tell them what they need to do!

Okay, so here’s the thing. Most people don’t realize that people need to be told exactly what they need to do in order to take some kind of action. Think about it for a sec, we are in a world where you have about five seconds to capture someone’s attention. When you can actually do that and engage with your potential customers; you need to tell them what you want them to do by the end of your message.

Because if you don’t they will make a decision not to make a decision. And that’s a far simpler thing for someone to do than to actually think about something and figure out what the hell they should do. You need to be specific and show what action you want them to take right now in order to get what they want.

Go out there and do what your prospects need you to do. Be a leader and tell them what to do for their own good.

5. Make them appreciate you.

It is extremely important that you demonstrate WHY. Why is it that out of all businesses, all the places and people in the world; why on earth did they choose you?

Make this reason clear by educating and informing your consumers why they picked you. First of all, you could ask them so you could find out or you could do your homework on the competition and figure it that way, too.

You don’t have to jam it down your customers’ throats; you could display this through your signage or allow it to come up casually. Better yet you could have happy customers do it for you!

It could be something as simple as remembering their name and knowing what they like. That alone could be the reason why they transact with you. Whatever the reason is, make sure you know what it is and use it to continually educate people on why they chose you!

6. Compound the value by stacking the bonuses.

What you want to do here is add so much perceived value that it almost makes them feel guilty not to buy from you. You can do that by adding items that don’t cost much but are worth a lot to them. You always want to be adding more perceived value than actual costs. And bundle that into your package.

This will give your sales proposition an insanely unfair advantage compared to your “competitors.”

7. Calm their farm. Remove their risk!!

It’s important for you to understand that right now, your people are a bit nervous. They might not fully know you or more likely; they’ve been burnt before. When you think about it, it’s kinda like you are dealing with someone who has been cheated on. And it’s your job to help them pick up the pieces!

The best thing you can do is to show them that they have absolutely nothing to worry about. Provide a guarantee on products or services!! And once you do that you have removed the risk from the transaction. If everyone you compete against isn’t willing to do this you will create an advantage bigger than the US Treasury debt!