Business has a way of being operated out of desperation with little thought behind it, so don’t lose sight of what you really want to accomplish as well as the fact that you can do ANYTHING. You can reinvent yourself, pull the plug, juggle multiple businesses, embark on additional education and become an expert in anything. It’s your choice in this life.

Besides 11 is a lucky number. It’s supposed to be the universe talking to you and reaffirming for you what you need validated.

Let’s get started:

1. Get into the feeling groove. Hurl bottles at a cement wall. Crush cans. Get your hands on an old phone book and tear it apart. Compartmentalize and confine your angst to a canvas through painting. Fill a blank page with your emotional musings. Whatever you’re feeling, finish your emotion.

2. Put a time limit on your grieving. Wade in the worst of it for two days only. Anything longer and you are wasting time getting on. You need a limit so you don’t live in this new, untenable space. Dwelling in the belly of sadness or fury is not living at all. If you can’t move on after two weeks, please talk to a counselor or therapist who will assist you in developing your new to-dos.

3. Understand you’re not predictable. You will feel what you are going to feel when you feel it—and not just emotionally either. Your emotions will bring with them some major physical symptoms that will have to be dealt with. The severity, frequency, and chaotic occurrence of them may surprise you. Anticipating this phenomenon helps to buffer the blow.

Listen in to hear the remaining 8 tips to regain faith in yourself. It’s one of the best episodes to date!

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